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my nightmare with michael banak by mary laloyianni

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

I am wrting this blog as it is long overdue. My health has deteriorated lately and I feel I must tell my story, in case I don’t make it. I will tell my story backwards. I have recently found my faith and in a dream the angels told me that I must tell my story or I will never find peace.
Mostly this blog is to deal with issues that have surfaced as a direct result of abuse I received, both physical and emotional from Michael Banak, a male who lived next door to me and abused substances and alcohol and whom I foolishly let into my life.
I will first tell my story and then in later posts detail the road to recovery. Apart from the financial loss I incurred due to dealings with Michael Banak, there is the issue of weight gain. My research has shown that to deal with weight loss one must first address what is on the inside (ie emotions) and then what is on the outside (excess weight).
I have no choice but to write this blog. Michael Banak hurt me physically and emotionally, next time who knows what he could do to another woman.
Recently I have been receiving some disturbing emails and am the subject of internet stalking. I have already gone to the police and made a statement and handed over the emails. The two below are emails I have been receiving from a party who is alleging to be Ms Lines.
I will provide you with a very brief summary of events and as to why I have reasonable cause to suspect the people I do.
The two below are what I have been receiving.
Hence, there are two possibilities, both worrying.
1. They are coming from N Lines
2. Someone impersonating her
From: nev lines
Date: Sun, Nov 14, 2010 at 4:34 PM
Subject: surprise
Are you the fat Greek woman(??) who is on the invalid pension?
I think you are and there is big surprise coming your way very soon!!
From: nev lines
Date: Mon, Nov 22, 2010 at 10:19 PM
Yes, I have something you might want to put in your blog. It goes like this:
There was a grotesque, fat, psychotic Greek woman who rented rooms in other peoples houses.
She farted and belched a lot. Her bras were big enough to harness a horse and her underwear and dresses looked they were made by an elephant accoutrement specialist.
She was never welcome in the houses she went into. She was unlikeable, unwanted and a social misfit. How long it has been since anyone wanted to touch her body or kiss her is anyone’s guess. She took her hatred and bitterness out on the whole world.
Two can play at your game you great buffoon.
Sound familiar???
Subsequently I have been receiving numerous emails from a Jon Davis International Network of Engineers (INE) who alleges that Ms Nicola Lines was conducting an illicit affair which he blames Michael Banak as being the instigator of the affair and the alcohol culture at Crone Partners Architectural Studios. I have highly distressed by these emails and find them intimidating. I am not the one alleging Ms Lines' conduct, it is in fact Mr Jon Davis, who alleges he is Ms Lines' fiance.

Mr Michael Jaroslav Banakis an architect at Crone Parnters and was born 19/07/70.
I moved into St Neots Ave, Potts Point in 2006. I lived next door to Michael Banak (then Nicola Lines’ partner and colleague). At least that is what he led me to believe. It now turns out that in fact according to a Jon Davis who allages he has been Nicola Lines’ partner of 7 years, an individual who has been sending me emails from a work address INE (International Network of Engineers) that in fact Michael Banak and Nicola Lines were not a couple, she was having an affair with him behind his back. For a while Michale Banak used to chat me up, however, I made it clear I did not associate with men who were encumbered.
I always used to hear Mr Banak next door arguing with a woman he called Nic and Nicky and it was always about money. She would make financial demands on him and it would infuriate him. She was always telling him to get a better job and make more money and then she would live with him.
I came home one night to a disturbing and loud domestic, where at the end of it the male at 18/9-11 St Neots Avenue Potts Point NSW 2011 threw the woman out followed by some very loud and abusive language. He called her Nic and said – Ge the F*** out my house you greedy c*** and don’t come back. She didn’t want to go. She left screaming.
The next day Michael Banak apologised for the domestic told me he broke up with his girlfriend and presented himself as a single available male. However, when I let him into my apartmetn most of the time he suffered from erectile dysfunction. I persevered with him as I wanted him in my life and kept saying to him it is normal for a male. At any rate he did things to please me which worked at the time.
In early 2007, due to his paranoid and irrational accusations of infedelity, escalating drug use, alcohol use and physical violence I ended the association. I used to wonder where is all of this coming from? Now I know, he was in a previous association with a woman who was lying and cheating to her defacto husband, so no wonder he thought the same of me. It’s just projection and transference of her grubby qualities onto me.
Michael Banak wanted me to move in with him but he wanted me to pay him what he called “nominal rent”, ie be his tenant. You must be joking, my view is that it is in fact a man asking a woman to pay him for sex, engage in domestic labour and in a few years throw her out if he so chooses whilst he gets to keep the property.
Dear God, I would have NEVER associated with a male who was engaged in a sexual association with someone else’s defacto wife. What a farce! His girlfriend, his partner! LOL. No. According to Jon Davis’ email, Mr Davis alleges Nicola Lines was his partner and alleges they are still together and have been together for 7 years. Assuming Jon Davis is telling the truth, Mr Davis states that he was paying her rent all the time Nicola Lines was in an extra marital relationship with Mr Michael Banak.
After I came back from overseas, Mr Michael Banak became quite spiteful and irrational towards me. He made ridiculous accusations and made threats and recruited two women, Nicola Lines and Danielle Harland to write things about me to the Strata, the neighbours, my realtor and the police. Mr Michael Banak filed an AVO on me, however, the contents were based on nothing I had said or done, but what Danielle Harland told him I had told her. Go figure. What a tosser. What sort of a man files and AVO on a woman (one which he later withdrew as he said he wanted to get back together with me) based on what the downstairs neighbour Danielle Harland had told me. I never spoke to Danielle Harland. Subsequently several neighbours phoned the police as Danielle Harland and a male were having a violent domestic and all of us had to leave the building. It was disturbing as I heard my name and death threats about me.
If a man has issues with a woman, he should take it up with the woman in question, not the downstairs neighbour whom it appears has been carrying a torch for him for 5 years. I later had Danielle Harland scream at me that I would be put in jail her and Michael would be together. She also screamed she would help him put me in jail. Delusion at it grandest.
Mr Banak knew I was leaving in a few days and alleged assault to the police. He also tried to have me evicted from my apartment. When he failed to do so, someone made an offer to my landlord to buy my apartment.
I was charged, however, Mr Banak got caught lying in a criminal court of law and the matter was dismissed, quite rightly. I did not gloat, there was no party, no celebration, just a quiet dinner with my intimate circle of friends who supported me through it. I chose to behave with dignity, however, all it has done is empowered certain people to continue to harass and distress me.
It was Michael Banak who chose to gloat and continue his harrassment and continue to touch me whenever he felt like it.
What in fact happened was that the rabid animal, Michael Banak, was in another one of what I came to call his drug-induced psychosis, and was screaming abuse, obscenties and all sorts of irrationalities at me. He started going backwards down the stairs and he stumbled. The fact that he stumbled whilst going downstairs, Michael Banak admitted this in court, it is on the transcript. Worrying for his safety I reached out and held his bagstrap which he had diagnolly accross his chest and I secured him. If I had not secured him, he would have fallen backwards down the stairs and may have ended up a para or quadraplegic. He should get himself a pair and admit the truth and actually lower his head and thank me for saving him.
[Everytime Michael Banak engages in any physical activity, including intimacy, he should be thanking me that I looked out for his welfare and did not let him fall backwards down the stairs. Every single physical activity Michael Banak does day or night, he should be looking up at God and thanking the heavens that I was the one who was sensible and calm on the day he lost it at those stairs and I saved his life. ]
However, in the meantime I discovered that Ms Nicola Lines, whom I had never met, was writing letters to the police about me, alleging I was making anonymous calls to her mobile. To get around the issue that I did not have her mobile, she alleged that I must have stolen Mr Banak’s letters and got her mobile from bills going to his place. No evidence has ever been produced that Ms Lines ever had any mobile phone bills going to Mr Banak’s home address.
Oh my God. Can anyone believe this? Michael Banak’s illicit lover, who is living with her defacto as he alleges in his emails to me, rocks up to the police station with him or on her own, he parades himself as a normal person, LOL, in a relationship with this dishonest, deceptive, manipulative and scheming thing called Nicola Lines, puts her forward as his partner, in order to establish a history of problems with me. There were problems alright, as in his erectile dysfunction, his alcohol and drug use and irrational accusations and violence. Not much to entice a woman to stay. That is a woman who wants to live her life with dignity and integrity.
Recently, I have discovered that Ms Lines was lying to police in that she was never Michael Banak’s partner as she alleged. Jon Davis has written me some emails pleading with me to forgive Nicola Niles and Michael Banak as he has done so. Jon Davis alleges that Nicola Lines was cheating on him and he was and still is her de facto partner. Whilst the poor man was at work trying to manage a company in three Australian states and working back at night, Ms Nicola Lines would come and visit Mr Michael Banak.
Ms Nicola Lines wrote in her letter to police that because of me she was scared to come and visit Mr Michael Banak and now no longer came and visited him. Well considering she was in a de facto relationship she should not be coming to ‘visit’ him in the first place.
Also if she was in a de facto relationship why is her mail going to his place? Highly unlikely. To date Nicola Lines has not produced any evidence to police of any mail being redirected to Michael Banak’s place and the police just believed her at first instance, not probing deeper actually asking if she in fact was his partner or any evidence of any mail going to his place and the police did not bother to even ask for any substantiation.
Jon Davis now alleges that Nicola Lines had a difficult and abusive upbringing and is in the process of bankruptcy. Who cares? did she get the baby bonus? If so she can buy a couple of packets of fabric nappies and pay her creditors. Take home some ironing and pay her creditors. But no, she chooses to continue living with her partner, the father of her child, the successful business owner, who pays the bills and is not interested in paying her creditors, at least that is the impression that Jon Davis has put forward.
Nor is she interested in cooperating with me now and providing proof that any mail was going to Michael Banak’s home at the time she alleges. Well what does one expect from a woman who lies and cheats on her partner then lies for Micheal Banak, I guess her illicit lover, to police alleging she is his partner. Now she is throwing a hissy fit and crying indignation. No Nicola Lines, you made the decision to lie for your mistress Michael Banak, now you have to suffer the consequences. Instead of making full disclosure and showing loyalty to the father of her child, the loving and supporting partner of seven years, she is still showing loyalty to Michael Banak, a man who would never commit to any financial responsibility for a woman.
I used to wonder what sort of a man is Michael Banak, bringing this woman home (and other women for that matter) for about half an hour or so and then letting her find her own way down the stairs in the dark, whilst he stayed in the warmth of his own bedsitter. Now I found out, one who has sex with someone else’s defacto wife. No wonder she never stayed the night, she could not, she had to go home to her hardworking and unsuspecting partner. She recently had a baby with him. Poor guy. He is so naive and foolish he stated to someone that the affair between Michael Banak and Nicola Lines was Michael Banak’s fault. Please a woman has free will when she used to come over for sex and she had free will in writing to the police pretending to be his partner in and making false allegations about me in order to help out Michael Banak exact revenge on me.
Also Nicola Lines stated in her letter to police that in one of the anonymous calls her CEO was there. However, upon speaking to one of her colleagues, he or she advised that the CEO is based in Melbourne (at that time that is). Also who conducts personal calls in the presence of the CEO?
From my perspective it appears that Nicola Lines was making up fabrications so as to get a second bite at the cherry with Mr Banak. In 2007 they reconciled and I had the same person whose voice I recognized to be the voice I used to hear in 2006 scream obscenities at me through the walls of my apartment. Michael Banak also had other women come around and placed them outside my door and conducted disgusting sexual conversations with them.
In October 2007 I was acquitted, although Mr Banak’s story is that I was let off due to psychiatric issues, which is in fact, not true. Convenient for him, just not true. It is not in his interests to let people know he kept changing his story and gave different accounts of the alleged assault, one of which I had produced to the court by subpoena. When questioned in court about its truthfulness he simply replied something like:
“No that is not true, it is an exaggeration of the truth.”
Not sure how the truth can be exaggerated, it then just becomes not the truth and just a lie. It is just resorting to dishonesty to achieve an objective.
Michael Banak also had an AVO filed against me in 2007, however, he withdrew it for no reason, he told me he wanted to get back together with me. He put me through months of hell then just withdrew his AVO for no good reason just stating to the court – passage of time. However, he used that time to talk to me and touch me when he felt like it and said that the AVO prevented me from speaking to him but not him from speaking to me. I suppose that must have made him feel like a man. From what I used to hear coming through his walls, he had no control over thye female he called Nic and Nicky, she would always degrade him especially about how much money he made.
Michael Banak admitted at mediation that he used to come up and talk to me at the same time he had and AVO filed. On the one hand he is telling the court he is scared of me and wanting protection, on the other he would walk up to me and engage with me when he felt like it!
I went overseas. When I came back in early 2008 Micheal Banak advised he broke up with Nicola Lines at Christmas and wanted reconciliation. I responded by filing an AVO. Ha Ha Ha. Broke up with her. Not possible. She was in a relationship with someone else and chose to stay with him, not Michael Banak, it would appear. At least that is Jon Davis’ version.
The court ordered Michael Banak to mediation, Mr Banak signed legal undertakings not to commit certain acts towards me, which he has breached on numerous occasions.
At mediation I brought up the issue of the allegations of Nicola Lines and the supposed telephone calls and suggested that he provide her mobile number to the court so that a subpoena could be placed on her provider so that we may find out if:
  1. Nicola Lines was indeed receiving any calls and at the times she alleged;
  2. Where the calls were originating from.
Mr Banak became highly agitated and resistant and said he did not want to do that as he said he had been in a relationship with Ms Lines for three (3) years and he loved her. I cannot lie, they were the words he uttered. I found this quite bizarre, if I loved someone who alleged a phone stalker and someone was offering me an opportunity to subpoena a phone company and trace calls, I would grab it. (Well if Michael Banak wants to ‘love’ someone who chooses to be with someone else, he shouldn’t take out his bitterness, anger and frustrations on me. I am not the one in an overt relationship with one man and then having covert one with another).
Now I understand why Mr Michael Banak became highly agitated and resistant in putting an subpeona on Nicola Lines’ phone. For starters it would prove her to be a liar and more importantly he did not want her de facto live in partner to find out anything about this. The defacto partner did not know anything about what Nicola Lines and Michael Banak were up to then, ie thier conspiracy towards me, pretending to be the happy couple. Bollocks. Jon Davis states in his emails that he was paying for Ms Lines’ lifestyle. The implication to the reasonable person is that she was not going to give it up for Michael Banak and live in a small damp bedsitter in the city. She chose her cushy lifestyle on the northshore. Poor Michael Banak, unlike Nicola Lines’ partner, Michael did not own a business and could not give Ms Lines the lifestyle she was used to.
In the meantime, I went to Adecco in the CBD to hand Ms Nicola Lines a subpoena to appear in court as a witness for my AVO agains Mr Banak. [I had let Michael Banak know in no uncertain terms this time I would be vigilant in finding out about the calls and asking the court to place a subpoena on Ms Lines phone’] Ms Lines pretended that she barely knew Mr Banak she was just in HR at Crone Partners and also remarked that she was going to make me pay for breaking up her relationship with him. This is after she has just stated she barely knew him!
It now makes sense. Nicola Lines had to say in front of her colleagues she was not Michael Banak’s partner. That was because she was not. She had another partner all along, the one she had been cheating on, according to Jon Davis’ emails.
I noted down a record of the incident and emailed it to the court, so it is not something I am recently fabricating. For the record, Ms Nicola Lines did not turn up to court, although the police confirmed to her the subpoena was properly served. My barrister advised me to let it go and not seek punitive action as not turning up when required is a serious offence. I later regretted that decision. I used to wonder, why is she not here to suppor the man she purports to love. Now I know why – dah – she was living with another man, who owned a company and brought home good money for her. She was not very respectful of him – she thanked him by cheating behind his back with Michael Banak and Michael Banak alleged Nicola Lines was his partner for three years. That is a long time to be cheating and lying to your partner.
Two of Nicola Lines’ colleagues were witnesses to the incident though.
Later, I get a call from from the Kings Cross police stating that Nicola Lines now alleged I assaulted her when I handed her the subpoena. I spoke to a more senior officer and requested that they look if the building has CCTV and that my handing her the subpoena to appear in court was witnessed by her two colleagues, the receptionist Sam and one other short and thin male colleague and I would issue both with a subpoena to appear in court and we would see if they were willing to lie for a colleauge. I remember saying to the officer to speak to them first as some people are ethical and not everybody will lie for another person flippantly. I was right. – From my perspective it appeared to me that Ms Lines wanted a third bite at the cherry. I was later advised by the police that her colleagues were not willing to back up her story and the matter was dropped.
Another woman called Danielle Harland also helped Michael Banak out by writing false and defamatory comments about me. Later I filed for defamation and she settled out of court with me. She was also going to be his star witness in the alleged assault, only a couple of weeks after the alleged incident the whole building was disturbed by her violent domestic with her partner, Steven De Bono, where everyone gathered outside the building and residents called the police as she screaming death threats towards me. One resident gave a statement to police and it stated Danielle Harland said “I am going to kill the fucking bitch”. Why I do not know, I barely knew her. She was just another willing female Michael Banak recruited to help destroy me and give me a criminal record.
The same evening after the police left, I made an attempt to leave the building only to find a rather scary pscycho looking and rabid Steven De Bono at the end of the corridor. He came running towards me screaming all kinds of obscenities, threw his phone at me after he alleged he was talking to a former lecturer I had at uni. I ran down the fire escape only to find Steven De Bono chasing me and he continued to chase me all the way from St Neots Avenue to Woolworths like a psycho maniac. I called triple zero OOO and ended up at the police station to report him. A few minutes later, Danielle Harland and Steven De Bono and Michael Banak also rocked up.
Needless to say the police chose not to use her as a witness in court. I wonder why? This is how Michael Banak operates, he keeps himself out of it and gets women to do his dirty work for him. As Carnita Matthews hides behind the veil, Michael Banak hides behind the skirts of women.
One silly young girl told me that they would have been together but poor Michael could not commit to anyone as he was shaken by the ‘assault’ etc. There were also emails stating Mr Banak had to seek medical treatment at hospital, however, a subpoena issued to police to produce any medical records turned up nothing. So bascially Michael Banak was bringing home many women in 2007, and to get rid of them he would say to them – you better go now, the neighbour might come out and get violent. The next day he would bring home a different voice and say the same thing.
I am not sure why certain women are prepared to conspire with fops like Michael Banak to destroy another woman to the point of giving her a criminal record but there you have it.
It is unfortunate that the relationship did not work out between Mr Banak and Nicola Lines, however, taking it out on me and writing false accusations to the police is not acceptable. Especially when they were just having an affair. How dare Nicola Lines blame me for her relationship breakup. She did not have a relationship breakup. She is still with the same guy for seven years now and recently had a baby with him. She was cheating on her partner, so it is a bit rich she is blaming me for the breakup.
As God is my witness, Mr Michael Banak told me he broke up with Nicola Lines in August 2006 and alleged she was his partner for two years. I even have emails he wrote to a third party alleging he just got out of an abusive and destructive relationship, however, he was not the victim as he was the one who broke it off. So Mr Michael Banak is speaking of the woman he broke up with in August 2006 as an object. If it was Nicola Lines she is not willing to accept reality and chooses to direct her hate and anger on me, whom she did not know, however was willing to write anything about me that Michael Banak instructed her to do.
Mr Michael Banak has a way of pitting women against each other and ensuring they cannot meet and compare notes. When I met Michael Banak he attempted to tell me Nicola Lines was the violent one and other things, however, I stopped him and said I would not have degradation of women in my home. Below is what he wrote to a third party about his relationship of 2006 stating he had to resort to no contact at all with his girlfriend, (LOL, delusional clown, she was not his girlfriend, she was someone else’s defacto) calling their ‘relationship’ abusive and later saying that he is not the victim as he is the one who broke it off, he he (his words not mine). So you see in Mr Banak’s mind the one who does the breaking up is not the victim, and well since he was not the one who ended it with me, in his mind he is the victim and from my perspective sought revenge and enlisted women to help him out.
I have deleted the recipient of the email and other bits. I don’t want the vicious and malicious Nicola Lines going after the recipient of Michael Banak’s emails.
To date, I have maintained a dignified silence and have acted with integrity, however, sadly I cannot say the same of Nicola Lines. I have been able to obtain some emails of exactly what Mr Michael Banak thought of his affair with her of 2006, however, I can no longer hold the truth, it is distressing me and it is time to bury things and hopefully the truth will heal us all. Ms Lines defended Mr Banak and bestowed such loyalty towards him to the point of lying for him. No one made anonymous calls to her and no one assaulted her. It’s just pathetic for a woman to say she is getting anonymous calls yet she knows where they are coming from and then proceeds to give more ludicrous details and now refuses to substantiate her claims of the dates that any mail was going to Michael Banak’s unit.
I can understand that a woman will go to any lengths to hold on to a man she loves, however, trying to give someone a criminal record to help out your illicit lover and endear yourself to him is not acceptable. My view is that Mr Banak is intelligent enough to realize that if a woman lies for him she will lie to him. At no stage throughout the proceedings and there were many of them, did I see Ms Lines in court supporting the man she purported to love. Well, now it makes sense in the light of Jon Davis’ emails, that would be because Nicola Lines could not take time off work, her partner may have called and may have found out about her activities.
Now I am getting emails someone with the name of Nev Lines and the comment about the bra I have heard before at St Neots Avenue from Michael Banak. I have been told Ms Lines recently had a baby thus I am in fact doing her a service. If the author is not Ms Lines she should herself, go to the police and complain and ask for tracing of the IP address.
I am very distressed about the emails and what is said on the blogs, which I have chosen not to supply. I am fearful that the person will escalate from internet stalking to a more serious crime, usually that being a homicide or other violent and heinous crime. As stated previously I have reported this to the police and the person who is alleging to be nlines334@ hotmail must to be caught and dealt with at the very least given some psychiatric assistance.
I have tried so hard to bury the past and get on with my life after having been put through unnecessary trauma, abuse, humiliation and expense by both Michael Banak and Ms Nicola Lines and Danielle Harland. I have been called various offensive and derogatory names, however, if in fact I was the things I am accused of, I would have forwarded the original emails that Mr Banak wrote about Ms Lines to her and gloated. I chose not to do so, however, now I feel my safety and that of my family is at risk as the stalker discusses my family on one of the blogs and emails are coming from an nlines which is a name I know and the contents of the emails are not unfamiliar.
Also Mr Michael Banak has been saying to people that I have a criminal history when in fact it is his. He is the one that was arrested on whale beach under the influence of alcohol and drugs along with other young boys, which I can only describe as a homo erotic frolic. He pleaded guilty to the offence at the Manly Court. He admitted this to be true at the mediation the court ordered him to go to when I filed an AVO against him.
My most vivid memory of Michael Banak is having to plead with him to let me mourn the loss of my father. I had to resort to writing an email to his barrister and plead with him to leave me alone and let me mourn my loss. I was of the honest belief the more he made me suffer the more he got off. I remeber that I could not go overseas to attend my father’s six months service and I had to get his next door neighbours to arrange it for me. A beautiful family who showed me kindness and went out of their way to assist.
Please Michael Banak, get yourself a pair and call off your women. Stop acting like a pimp and start living your life with integrity. Find yourself a good woman instead of a grubby one who has a defacto husband and has to sneak to your place whilst her poor partner is working hard to provide a home for her. However, alas that is not possible, for a good woman is looking for good man, not one who abuses women, has affairs with other men’s womens and uses poor disturbed creatures like Danielle Harland and Nicola Lines to do his dirty work for him.
Should anyone out there be contemplating a relationship or domestic arrangement with Michael Banak, be informed. Don’t allow yourself to be abused and degraded. Get Michael Banak to give you evidence of all his allegations. If you are naive enough to think that if a man has been violent and abusive towards one woman and that it is the woman’s fault, however, you will get special dispensation, you are indeed heading for grief and trauma.
It has now recently been conveyed to me that Nicola Lines is not the first colleague at Crone Partners Architectural Studios that Michael Banak had an affair with. Basically, Mr Jon Davis alleges, Michael Banak did the same thing to the former receptionist as well. So Michael Banak, the lazy lover, has sex with women who work in his building, women that live in his building, then tosses them aside, however, when someone like me comes along and dumps him first he gets vindictive and sets on a manic revenge path because the little juvenile cannot handle being dumped by a woman. I was there next door when he threw out Nicola Lines, (that is what he told me the next day or so) he used that name, referred to her as his partner of 2 years and said he broke it off with her and threw her out as he could not take her hissy fits and demands any longer.
Michael Banak, Nicola Lines and Danielle Harland need to realise there are consquences to decisions and the life whose they tried to destroy in fact was mine. The above is a response and an act of defence to the attacks I was subjected to by Michael Banak, Danielle Harland and Nicola Lines.
I wish you a happy and honest life that is lived with honesty, dignity and integrity.
Poor Michael Banak, he lost the argument as a man, he lost the argument as an owner and failed to evict me, now he can lose his reputation, because a fit and proper person does not recruit women to do his bidding. There is a name for a male who uses women for personal gain – PIMP.
Below are extracts of what Michael Banak wrote about his relationship of 2006. Charming. He alleged to me he was with Nicola Lines for two years and yet he writes:
-Forwarded Message Attachment–
Subject: RE:
Date: Fri, 27 Oct 2006 17:20:00 +1000
…… also wrong about the ex. it was my decision to call the relationship off so i am not the victim. as for seeing her again she works in this office so that’s a bit unavoidable. he he. there just came a point when i new there wasn’t a future for us. i think she new as well. sometimes people just grow apart!
Michael Banak wrote:
hi, …
you are right about the abusive relationship as well. i now have had to resort to no contact at all. maybe in a few months i can sit with the ex and chat and laugh.
Disturbing memories of Michael Banak
  • Michael Banak writing to the Strata requesting access to my electricity bill stating he wanted to compare it to that of the male former tenant to prove that I must have been stealing electricity from the building. – What a tosser.
Does he not realize that no 2 people could ever, EVER, have the same electricity consumption. So what if my electricity bill may have been less than that of the former tenant, maybe I was out more, and turned off lights behind me.
I reiterate – what a tosser
  • Michael Banak standing at my door with his eyes red and swelled all emotional and irrational saying to me.:
“Why do you hate me, why do you hate me so much? Why am I at the brunt of your hate?”
I am just there stunned thinking – and why am I at the brunt of your AOD psychosis
  • Michael Banak writing a letter to the strata about me saying I had a bike outside my door. – what a tosser
  • Coming home one night to a peaceful 2nd floor, no noise to be heard from any apartment block including Michael Banak’s unit. As soon as I opened my latch and he realized I was there, he and a female started talking louder, both raising their octaves considerably. I then put on the soundtrack from the film Music and Lyrics and began to sing “I just want to find my way back into love…” Then I hear bang bang bang and Michael Banak opened his door. I got really scared thinking he was coming to knock down my door but he went away down the stairs for about 30 seconds or less and just came back into his unit. The next day I had no hot water, Later the electrician said someone had removed my fuse from the downstairs fuse box.
  • Michael Banak bringing numerous females and placing them outside my door and speaking loudly about the sex fest that was about to occur. I used to wait a couple of minutes then make a run for it via the fire escape.
  • Then I placed a note on my door – APARTMENT FOR LEASE and also said another one on our floor would be available in 2 weeks. The females then stopped coming and camping outside my door step with their grubby sexaul conversations, at least as long as that note was up. Michael Banak knew, behave yourself otherwise you risk not one but two of your scrags living on your floor. I gave him a choice, whom did he want as a next door neighbour, me or one of his little girlies. Needless to say no one applied for my apartment – they could not as Michael Banak stopped bringing them around. When the note came down his ‘special friends’ came back with their sexual dialogue outside my door. Not sure what Michael Banak aka Mr Viagra what trying to pull off? This is me he is trying to convince about his sexual prowess, as I said Michael Banak aka Mr Viagra.
  • I used to wonder where in God’s name is Michael Banak finding all these hags who agree to come to his place for an hour or so and then make their own way down the stairs whilst he stayed in the warmth of his apartment? A neighbour said he probably pays some girl he found at the Cross $20 bucks. But I said No Way, Michael Banak would never do that. He would never spend $20 on a woman it is far too much.
  • Michael Banak at the mediation the court ordered him to attend when I filed and AVO on him, said he will have to get advice from Legal Aid. I said, ‘you are not entitled to Legal Aid, you make 6 figures”.
  • Coming home and placing my nose outside Michael Banak’s door and smelling marijuana smoke and shaking my head feeling saddened why a young man with a good paying job, able-bodied, musically talented would waste his time on such activities. I heard every sound coming out of Michael Banak’s unit in 2006-7 except two – the sound of genuine happy laughter nor the sound of him playing his guitar. He just displayed it upright at the end of his hallway. He chose to spend his time, obsessed with me, writing letters about me to everyone, spoke to everyone about me except to me and accepted what other people told him as coming from my own mouth.
  • One day I was speaking to other next door neighbour and Michael Banak walked past us in the corridor. After I finished speaking to her he then knocked on her door and went into her apartment. She later told me he wanted to know what I was talking about and if I ever had hinted as to my feelings towards him and if I ever truly ‘fancied’ him. – WHAT A TOSSER.
  • Michale Banak stalking me everywhere, to the laundry, on my way to work, I would turn around and there he was looking at me like an obsessed and deranged lunatic.

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Monday, October 5, 2009

This blog will outline the experience I was subjected to by Michael Banak, Sydney architect and his accomplices. If you would like to contribute to the blog and share your experiences with Michael Banak, goes by the name of 'brubble' on RSVP please contact